Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wrestlemania III: Championship Edition DVD Review

In 2007, in anticipation of the 20th anniversary of Wrestlemania III, WWE released the Wrestlemania III: Championship Edition DVD (coming soon, Wrestlemania III: Turbo?). Wrestlemania returned to Detroit for the 23rd installment, and it was all meant to tie in. The DVD is a 2-disc set, and features the event, and a slew of bonus features. Among them are several TV matches from the weeks leading up to the event, various promos, and, as a special bonus, a "Pop-Up Video" style version of the entire event featuring factoids and interview clips with the participants. This last item was previously only available to people with access to WWE 24/7 (i.e. not me), and was the biggest draw for me personally.

The entire package does not disappoint. Sure, the transfer isn't great, but what piece of 20 year old videotape (not film) is going to transfer that well? Sure, some of the bonus material isn't great (battles royals that aren't the Royal Rumble are usually dull, the one here sure is), but alot of it is great (plenty of "Mean" Gene). Overall, it's a solid purchase for any wrestling buff.

However, there is one thing about it that keeps bugging me. This DVD is how the old Wrestlemanias should be treated when coming to DVD, and yet, this is the only one (previous to Wrestlemanias that just came out on DVD because that was the format for home video) that has gotten this type of treatment. I expected at the time, that as we crested the 20th anniversary of each successive Wrestlemania, there would be another Championship Edition DVD. I expected they go back and do the first and second events, and that by now, I'd have copies of two of my favorite 'Manias on my shelf. But alas, they have not come

The Wrestlemania Anthology boxset is nice, but the DVDs contained therein have no bonus features of any kind. I want the histories, the facts, the "Mean" Gene interviews from Prime Time Wrestling. So, why has WWE forsaken me? Do they not want my money? This is one instance where I'll willingly go in on the double dip. I won't complain.


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